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  Ten-Minute Plays & Musicals by Stan Peal
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Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins 
Musical Comedy - 1F, 1M
A hapless Prince discovers a progressive Snow White has already rescued herself.

Bobbin Good and the Berrymen
Musical Comedy - 6F, 6M
Pythonesque shenanigans ensue as Bobbin saves the Rottingham wine industry.

How the Scarlet Pimpernel Saved Stonehenge
Musical Comedy - 6F, 6M
The Rabid Rockeater terrorizes Stonehenge in another musical tribute to Python.

No Safety in Numbers
Comedy - 2F, 2M
A jealous husband insists that his wife and priest follow Numbers to the letter.

Changeover Interview
Drama - 2F
A job interview is not what it seems when a middle-aged woman faces her replacement.

Coffee of the Gods
Comedy - 1F, 1M
A groggy lesbian discovers a peppy deity in her kitchen.

The Opium Den
Comedy - 3F
Pals discuss trash TV over coffee until one of them receives shattering news.

Smoke and the American Way
Comedy - 3F
Friends find a unique way to deprogram a loved one from Amway.

Drama - 2F, 2M
Guests show up unexpectedly before incriminating evidence can be hidden.

Blood Iron
Drama - 1F, 1M
A Born-Again husband confronts his convict wife with a twisted proposal.

Earthly Vessels
Drama - 2F, 1M
In the not-too-distant future, a woman is under suspicion of performing abortions.