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Special Event Lyrics
Carolina Thread Trail Capital Campaign Kickoff
 Client: Tribble Creative Group

ONE BRICK AT A TIME  - Barnum (Coleman/Stewart)

The Lord he gave each and everyone
The spunk to do what can't be done
The brawn, the brain, the courage and the heart
The strength to bend the strongest bar
The will to reach the farthest star
It's just a case of learning how to start.

To build a tower - up so high - to a cloud 
you'll anchor
Build it one tiny brick at a time
Bucks multiply till a bum's a banker
Just begin with a thin silver dime

That empty field it can yield miles and
miles of flowers
You don't need no magic powers
Just a seed and showers
From the floor to the sky
You can soar if you're wise enough to climb

One brick at a time

To build a ship that's built to last
You lay the keel than raise the mast
An ode begins with just a simple rhyme
An oak with roots a mile beneath
Becomes a stick to pick your teeth
Just sharpen up your knife and take your time

One stalwart chap with a cup
And a bunch of hours
He can scoop all the salt from the sea

Buds open up turning bows to bowers
All begun by just one bumble bee

To write with ease, symphonies or at least cantati

Filled with trills and obligate start with fa sol, la, ti

Leave the rest in the dust be the best
If you're just content to climb one brick at a time!

Just take a brick and place it on the ground
To make it stick pour mortar all around

A cup of lime then stir until it's hard
And up she’ll climb by inch by foot by yard

A sil, a door, a ledge a window pane,
Then drill some more, raise up a weather vane

A roof, the proof that going slow like this
A splendid edifice can climb

To build a tower - up so high - to a cloud
ou'll anchor
Build it one tiny brick at a time… (etc.)



ONE STEP AT A TIME – Event Lyrics (Peal)

We’re certain that every one of you
Will know exactly what to do
You’ve got the brains, the courage and the heart
The conservation of the land
The future of each child at hand
Relies upon you knowing how to start

To build a trail that connects and preserves
you’ve got to
build it one single step at a time
Then watch a step multiply to miles
Stretching out ‘cross the land over time

And every green forest, field and the
miles of flowers
catching Carolina showers
from the trees (tall) as towers
To the streams, to the sky
We can walk, run or bike or we can climb,  

One step at a time.

To hike a trail through hills and trees
Connecting our communities
It all begins with such a simple act
A journey of so many miles
Of trails creating endless smiles
It starts with just one step, and that’s a fact!

To keep the air and the earth
And the streams and waters
All the green space clean as can be

Handing it down to your sons and daughters
And it starts with your own (Phil)anthropy

For outdoor sports played in shorts drinking quarts of water

Ride a horse that’s quite a trotter if it’s cool or hotter

You can bike you can run take a hike
If you like to, you can climb one step at a time!

Just move your foot push forward as it goes
And place your heel where you just had your toes

And then your step becomes a path at length
And soon a path becomes a trail of strength

The trail, it threads through counties north and south
And word it spreads from joyful ear and mouth

No goof, this proof that Carolina folks
Can use their shoes and spokes to climb

To build a trail that connects and preserves you’ve got to
build it one single step at a time… (etc.)