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"Thursday's premiere of "[The Expanding] Sky," Peal's intriguing and tuneful biography of stargazer Milton Humason, was the kind of "Eureka!" moment scientists and artists live for. The Epic Arts production at Actor's Theatre left us in awe of Peal's talent, and sent us home humming several of his songs."

- Julie York Coppens, The Charlotte Observer

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1. Pondering the Stars   
2. The Expanding Sky
3. Hubble and Humason

Summary and Production History:

The Expanding Sky is a new musical about the true story of Milton Humason, who dropped out of school after the eighth grade to live in California . He worked as a bellhop, laborer and muleskinner, driving a team of pack mules up and down the mountains near Pasadena . While hauling the equipment for the construction of the Mount Wilson Observatory in 1905, he fell in love with Helen Dowd, the daughter of the head electrical engineer on the project. He stayed on as a janitor, then became a night assistant. He showed such aptitude, he eventually became an observer and worked alongside Edwin Hubble and together they made a discovery that changed the way we look at the cosmos.

The Expanding Sky was originally commissioned and developed by The Ensemble Studio Theatre / Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Science & Technology Project. Charlotte Playwright Stan Peal was awarded a commission in 2004 by the EST/Sloan Project for the work, and the first draft was featured in a professional concert reading at ESTís First Light Festival in New York May of 2005. The first draft was 45 minutes with 7 songs.

The fully developed script, now 90 minutes with 14 original songs, was first produced in Charlotte , NC by Epic Arts Repertory Theatre, featuring Lou Delassandro and Cindy Barringer as Milton and Helen Humason. Also contributing to the production were Musical Director Marty Gregory, Choreographer Annette Saunders, Set Designer Chris Timmons, Light Designer Hallie Gray, and local artist Osiris Rain.