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A Mad, Mad Madrigal!

“Best New Play of 2003”
- Metrolina Theatre Association  

“Madcap... the humor is grand!.”
- Lynn Trenning, The Charlotte Observer

“A Feast”!
- Perry Tannenbaum, Creative Loafing

 A Mad, Mad Madrigal is a Yuletide celebration for the whole family! An interactive musical that’s two parts Renaissance Festival, three parts Monty Python and all completely insane! The Holly King battles the Oak King, the Scarlet Pimpernel saves Stonehenge and Bobbin Good and his Berrymen are in deep Chablis!  

A runaway hit for the original producing company, Epic Arts Repertory Theatre in Charlotte, NC, A Mad Mad Madrigal provides an alternative to the same old Christmas shows. It begins and ends with an open drum circle and dancing, in which the audience may participate, immediately creating a festival atmosphere. Beautifully arranged Yuletide songs and silly Monty Python-esque sketches provide a lively framework for the age-old symbolism of Solstice as the doddering Holly King (the old year) battles the youthful Oak King (the new year) to a chorus of boo and hisses.

Written for a flexible cast of about 16 (8m, 8w), can be performed with guitar or piano. Room in the script for improvisation, audience interaction and local references.