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Music from Plays and Musicals:

The Expanding Sky
  - Pondering the Stars
  - The Expanding Sky
  - Hubble and Humason

Friar and The Nurse 
  - Incidental Music

Scratchy Scratcherton's Revenge
  - Scratchy Sampler 
      (Scratch Yo' Self; Bonkers' Theme; Cream City Pie)

A Mad Mad Madrigal
  - Madrigal Sampler

Best Little Crackhouse in Philly
  - Crackhouse Sampler

Juggler to the King (music by Ralph Johnson)
  - Juggler Sampler

Shakedown Tuesday (Music and Lyrics by Mike Donley)
  - Shakedown Sampler
  - Game Plan (rapped by Stan!)


Comedy and Satire

Firefly/Serenity Fansongs:
Jayne's Hat
  - Have You Seen Serenity?
  - Praise to Joss Whedon

Coffee and Chocolate 
Another Christmas, Eve 
Shook me All Midsummer Night Long 

Old School and Seasonal 

State Street
State Street 2
Waukesha's On Fire
God's Creation
Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming
Lucretia Garfield