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  One-Act Plays & Musicals by Stan Peal
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Best Little Crackhouse in Philly 
Musical Comedy - 30 minutes - 3F, 2M
The misadventures of Skank, Gash and Pus-Bucket at Philly's nastiest crack house!

The Businessman and the Cheerleader
Comedy - 25 minutes - 1F, 1M
A chance encounter in a hotel room goes horribly wrong, then takes a hilarious, unexpected turn.

Through the Water 
Drama - 50 minutes - 3F, 3M
The words and experiences of real people who have converted to Reform Judaism.

Tales of Sex and Horror from the Bible
Comedy/Drama with Music- Customizable length and cast
Modern interpretations of the most disturbing, violent and erotic stories from the Old Testament.