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  Full-Length Plays & Musicals by Stan Peal
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The Expanding Sky - 90 minutes - 3F, 3M
An eighth-grade dropout- turned-muleskinner revolutionizes astronomy.

A Mad, Mad Madrigal! - 75 minutes - 10F, 6M
A Pythonesque, Medieval celebration of the Winter Solstice!

Juggler to the King - 105 minutes - Cast approx 20
A poor village juggler loses and rediscovers faith and purpose.


The Friar & The Nurse - 75 minutes - 1F, 1M
Romeoís Friar and Julietís Nurse have a secret affair.

Goddess and the Magdalene - 100 minutes - 8F, 6M
The widow of the messiah joins three goddesses on an epic quest.

Scratchy Scratcherton's Revenge - 90 minutes - 5F, 5M
An adult, live-action sci-fi cartoon about sex, guns, Armageddon and pizza.